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About CAM

What do we do?
Carolina Auto Masters specializes in maximizing the performance of your street machine, be that a car, truck or race car. We offer computer tuning for most GM and aftermarket fuel injection computers. Using our state of the art Dynojet chassis dynamometer as a tool to prove the value of given parts and combinations, we can tailor a performance upgrade plan with your goals in mind and then install, test and tune your dream. Race cars looking for that extra edge use our chassis dyno equipment (the same that all NASCAR teams use) to determine which combinations work best without the effort of removing the motor for static dyno work.

Carolina Auto Masters was founded in 2002, and has tuned over 5000 vehicles both at our dyno facility in Burlington, NC and across the country.

Who are we?
Jeff Creech, the founder and chief tuner at Carolina Auto Masters has 26 years of extensive experience modifying and programming LTx, LSx, and newest LTx cars and trucks. Before that Jeff spent over 20 years in the information technology field, maximizing performance of some of the largest networked computer systems in use. We are enthusiasts and engineers, and our approach is both scientific as well as "I don't understand why, but it just works".

Our Specialty
Is computer tuning of modern GM performance cars and trucks, not only optimizing for maximum safe power, but also for as near stock drivability as possible. Typical handheld computer reprogrammers only scratch the surface of the parameters that need to be changed to truly optimize the performance of your vehicle. If all you require is speedometer calibration, rev limiter changes, fan temp control and automatic transmission shift firmness, then a handheld programmer might be right for you. Other people have used mail order computer tuners, and while this is a lot closer to ideal, every car is different, and programming your car based on what a similar car wanted does not yield ideal results.

The best computer tuning requires having the car in front of the tuner, and making the changes based on what that vehicle wants, not what a similar car wanted. To make up for the production variations, mail order tuners will err on the side of tremendous safety, so much so that a great deal of safe power is left on the table. At Carolina Auto Masters, we believe there's no substitute for having the vehicle in question in front of you to tune it. That being said, we offer mail order tuning, but we'd much rather that be a prelude to a dyno tune, rather than the first and last time we touch the computer.

The best computer tuning also requires experimentation and engineering, many tuners do not own a chassis dyno and other monitoring hardware, and of those that do, many do not take the time to experiment and learn with their expensive tools. At Carolina Auto Masters, we take the time to experiment with new ideas, and test new modifications. We can then apply that knowledge to help you reach your performance goals.

The best computer tuning does not only address wide open throttle, it addresses every behavior of the vehicle from the time the engine is started until the key is removed from the ignition. With a large performance camshaft you do not have to have a gas smell at idle, a car that knocks off when you turn on the AC at a stoplight, that won't start when it's hot or cold, or that has so much cam surge that you never want to drive under 2000 rpms. Carolina Auto Masters specializes in drivability as well wide open tuning. Our vehicles have "Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hyde" characteristics: they idle and cruise like Dr. Jeckel and then when you press on the loud pedal, they become Mr. Hyde!
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